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An unedited transcription of a page 1 article in 21 Mar 1929 Simcoe Reformer.


Shocking tragedy again visited Norfolk on Monday last. This time it cast a pall of gloom over the entire township of Windham; it removed in violent fashion one of the old and respected residents of the community; its outcome found a young man of 32 years behind bars charged with the awful crime of patricide; it left a horrible memory for the young granddaughter of the victim; and there remain several distracted families, the descendants of the aged victim.

Today, that splendid farm with all the appearances of one of the most prosperous in this part of Ontario, is quite deserted. The sole occupant of the comfortable, well-furnished farmhouse is an old cocker spaniel dog who has lost his owner and his best friend.

Such tragic events are beyond the power of human comprehension.

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