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The following is a transcription of an article published in the 20 Jun 1912 Simcoe Reformer newspaper. Paragraph breaks were inserted by the transcriber to break up long paragraphs.  

Flying Machines Making Good
(Hamilton Spectator)

The achievements of the aeroplane are becoming more and more remarkable.

The other day an aviator in Germany made a distance of 330 miles in 336 minutes -- a great record for so long a flight.

An incident is just reported showing the practical uses to which the machine may well be put in every-day life.

Near Rath, New York, a physician was hurrying in an automobile to attend a lad which a fractured skull, when his conveyance broke down.

A pupil of the Curtis aviation school happened to sail by and was called to the earth by the doctor, who explained his difficulty, and was then carried through the air the remaining ten miles of his journey in six minutes -- that is at a speed of 100 miles an hour.

What would our ancestors have thought of either automobile or aeroplane on such an errand?

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