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Transcript of a page 1 article from the 23 May 1901 issue of The Waterford Star newspaper.


  • Canada is 30 times as large as the United Kingdom' larger that Australia, as large again as India, and forms one-third of the whole British Empire.

  • Canada has 13,000 miles of coast line and taps three oceans.

  • Of Canada's population, 86 per cent are Canadian born, 10 per cent born under the British flag, and only three per cent foreign born.

  • The Canadian Pacific Railway was built in five years, instead of 10, as called for by contract.

  • Children in the schools of the Canadian Northwest speak 21 different languages.

  • Only seven of the original 33 Fathers of Confederation are living.

  • Almost all the valuable minerals are found in Canada.

  • Canada was the first of Britain's colonies to demand and receive self-government, as she was the first to form a confederation.

  • Canada's great Northwest is large and rich enough to sustain 50 million people.

  • Only one-quarter of the area of Canada is occupied.

  • The American Geographical Society states that there are a million square miles of practically unexplored territory in Canada.

  • Canada has one of the largest continuous stretches of inland navigation in the world -- 2,347 miles -- from the St. Lawrence to the head of Lake Superior.

  • Canada has over 18,000 public schools with over a million pupils, taught by 27,000 teachers.

  • Canada has 17 universities and over 50 colleges.

  • Canada has the largest wheat field in the world -- 900 miles long by 300 miles wide.

  • Canada has 17,000 miles of railway, representing a capital of nearly 900 million.

  • Canada has 10,000 post offices.

  • Canada has a militia force of 37,000.

  • 7,300 Doukhobors migrated from Southern Russia to the Canadian Northwest in 1899 -- the greatest modern exodus of any one people in a body to come to the American continent.

  • 9,000 Galicians have settled in the Canadian Northwest from South Austria.

  • 50,000 immigrants came to Canada in 1900.

  • Canada has 250,000 acres of coal lands in the Crow's Nest Pass, estimated to contain 20 billion tons of which at 4 million a year will last 5,000 years.

  • Manitoba was first settled by 100 Scotchmen, brought out by Lord Selkirk.

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