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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Port Rowan column on page 5 of the 6 Oct 1910 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

The first patrol of Boy Scouts in the County of Norfolk was enrolled at Port Rowan the first of September.

The movement has taken the fancy  of the boys, and on Saturday last the patrol marched to St. Williams, where a number of boys had been prepared to pass the tenderfoot test by Mr. Clayton McCall.

Dr. Andrew MacInnes had kindly placed his spacious grounds at the disposal of the boys, and there, after a demonstration of drill by the Port Rowan patrol, the test was applied and the Scouts' oath administered to the members of the St. Williams patrol by the Rev. Horace E. Bray, and they were received in the brotherhood of Scouts.

The patrols then joined forces and after saluting the flag, marched forth under the leadership of the assistant scout master, Mr. Clayton McCall, for a couple of hours work.

The ceremony of initiation was witnessed by a number of the inhabitants of St. Williams, who expressed themselves as delighted not only with the ceremony itself, but also with the carriage and conduct of the boys.

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