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The following is a based on a page 1 article published in the 20 Feb 1920 Waterford Star.

In his report to Norfolk County Council. the public school inspector states:
-- of 86 rural teachers, 33 have less than two years experience
-- 64 of them have less than five years experience
-- 50 of the 86 teachers were new to their school last September
-- 20 more have been less than two years in their present school.

Yet these rural schools cost from $39.48 to $57.38 per pupil, 
while in the towns and villages where the teachers were more
permanent the cost per pupil varied from $24.83 to $28.85. 

These are telling arguments in favor of the consolidation of rural schools.
How long will you put up with it? It is time for a change.

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