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Source: page 8 article from 24 Jan 1901 Waterford Star

The Paper of 2001

The publishers of the Cleveland World issued a paper last Tuesday purporting to give the news of 1 Jan 2001.

The phonetic system of spelling is used throughout this alleged twenty-first century journal.
Among the leading news articles are accounts of:
-- communications with Mars,
-- the robbery of an airship express by bandits who froze the messenger to death with liquid air,
-- a description of the execution of a murderess by vaporization, and
-- the discovery, in the ruins of abandoned Cincinnati, of several barrels, containing a curious foul smelling liquid labeled "beer."

Minor items chronicled:
--  the intention of "Mme. Sara Heartburn" to make a farewell tour of America, and 
-- the fall of a workman from the 96th floor of an office building.  

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