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The following is a complete transcription of an article that appeared in the 
8 May 1884 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper. 
[Line breaks added by the transcriber]

Base Ball

"The Waterford's reorganized on Thursday evening, 1st. inst., with the following officers:
E. H. Long, President; 
Louis Sovereign, Vice President; 
R. W. Trotter, Secretary; 
F. E. Hatch, Treasurer; 
Wm. Tuttle, Captain; 
Newton Kellum, Bart Foster and W. Tuttle, committe of management.

"Messrs. Kellum and Tuttle represented the Waterford's  at their meeting in Simcoe on the 3rd. inst., when the following League games for Norfolk County were scheduled for May and June.
"May 17th, Simcoe at Walsingham Centre; 
Pearsall, Umpire. 
May 17th, Waterford at Windham Centre; 
T. S. Crysler, Umpire. 
May 24th, Windham Centre at Simcoe, 
J. E. Bottomley, Umpire. 
May 31st, Walsingham Centre Centre at Waterford; 
W. S. Wood, Umpire.
June 7th, Windham Centre at Walsingham Centre; 
J. E. Bottomley, Umpire.
June 7th, Simcoe at Waterford; 
T. S. Crysler, Umpire.
June 14th, Simcoe at Windham Centre, 
W. S. Wood, Umpire.
June 23th, Waterford vs. Windham Centre, at Simcoe. Pearsall, Umpire,

"It is hoped the people of Waterford will patronize these League games as the club has gone to considerable expense in fitting up the Agricultural grounds for the games, purchasing their suits, &c. The people can rely 
on seeing very sharp playing done by the contesting League clubs, as they have engaged the best players 
in the county."

Name Index
J. E. Bottomley
T. S. Crysler
Burt Foster
F. E. Hatch
Newton Kellum
E. H. Long
Louis Sovereign
R. W. Trotter
Wm. Tuttle
W. S. Wood