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Norfolk's Duplicated Street Names
Last updated: 01 Jan 2007 
Street Name Where Duplicated

Adams Avenue   

Delhi has one, so does Simcoe
Albert Street    Langton, Turkey Pint, and Waterfod all have one
Allan Street/
Allen Street
Arthur Street  LaSalette, Simcoe and Waterford all have one
Bostwick Road Middleton has one, Lynedoch has the other
Broad Steet Port Dover has one, Teeterville has the other
Brock Street  Delhi has one, Simcoe has another
Brown Street   Port Dover has one, Waterford has another
Calvert Crescent   Port Dover has one, Simcoe has the other
Caroline Street  Normandale has one, Teeterville has the other
Cemetery Road   Townsend has one, Charlotteville has the other
Centre Street  Port Rowan has one, Windham Centre has the other
Charles Street  Waterford has one, Simcoe the other
Church Road  Boston has one, Middleton has the other
Church Street  Delhi, Lynedoch, Port Rowan and Waterford all have one
College Street  Port Rowan has one, Simcoe the other
Concession Street   Walsingham has one, Waterford has the other
Crescent Boulvard   Long Point has one. Simcoe has the other
Dean Street   Port Dover has one, Simcoe has the other
East Quarter Line Woodhouse, North Walsingham, South Walsingham
East Street Delhi, Simcoe
Elizabeth Street Renton, Walsh, Langton, Delhi
Elm Street Turkey Point, Simcoe
Emily Street Port Dover, Simcoe
Erie Avenue Port Rowan, Port Dover
Erie Street Normandale, Port Rowan and Delhi
Ferris Street Turkey Point, Port Rowan
First Avenue Long Point, Delhi, Port Dover and Simcoe
Front Road Charlotteville, South Walsingham and Woodhouse
George Street Port Ryerse, Teeterville, Long Point, Langton and Simcoe
Glendale Avenue Normandale and Delhi
Harbour Street St. Williams and Port Dover
Head Street Turkey Point and Simcoe
Henry Street Gilbertville and Langton
Highland Avenue Delhi and Simcoe
Hill Street Port Ryerse, Normandale, Turkey Point, Waterford and Simcoe
Hillside Avenue Normandale and Delhi
Howard Street Waterford and Simcoe
Hunt Street Port Ryerse and Simcoe
James Street Gilbertville, Courtland, Langton, Delhi and Simcoe
John Street Teeterville, Langton, Port Rowan, Port Dover, Waterford, and Simcoe
Johnson Avenue Long Point and Delhi
King Street Port Ryerse, Courtland, Delhi and Simcoe
Lakeview Avenue Normandale and Port Dover
Main Street Courtland, Delhi, Port Dover, Normandale, Port Rowan, Simcoe, Walsingham, and Wateford
Maple Avenue Delhi and Port Dover
Maple Boulevard Port Ryerse and Port Dover
Mill Road Port Dover and Port Rowan
Mill Street Nixon and Delhi
Montclair Crescent Simcoe and Waterford
Morgan Street Lynedoch, Walsingham and Port Dover
Nelson Street Waterford, Port Dover and Simcoe
Nichol Street/
Nicholl Street
Norfolk Avenue Long Point and Delhi
Norfolk Street Langton, Waterford and Simcoe
Normandy Circle Simcoe and Waterford
North Street Courtland, Lynedoch and Simcoe
Oak Street Port Dover and Simcoe
Old Mill Road Houghton and Delhi
Orchard Avenue Delhi and Simcoe
Park Street St. Williams and Port Dover
Patterson Street Port Dover and Simcoe
Peel Street Delhi and Simcoe
Pine Street Turkey Point and Delhi
Pinehurst Avenue Pinegrove and Simcoe
Queen Street Port Ryerse, St. Williams, Langton, Courtland, Port Dover, Delhi, Simcoe and Waterford
Scott Street Gilbertville and Port Dover
Second Avenue Long Point, Port Dover, Delhi and Simcoe
Short Street Long Point and Simcoe
Simcoe Street Norfolk North (township), Gilbertville and Port Ryerse
South Street Walsingham and Langton
Sovereen Street Walsh and Port Dover
St. Andrew Street Vittoria and Port Dover
St. Ann Street/
Anne Street
Port Dover/
St. George Street Delhi and Port Dover
St. James Street Renton and Waterford
St. Patrick Street Walsingham and Port Dover
Talbot Street Courtland and Simcoe
Third Avenue Long Point and Simcoe
Thompson Road/
Thomson Road
Tisdale Road Middleton and Port Dover
Union Street Courtland, Port Dover and Simcoe
Washington Street St. Williams and Waterford
Water Street Vittoria, Teeterville, Port Dover, Simcoe and Waterford
Wellington Street Delhi, Waterford and Simcoe
Wembley Avenue Langton and Simcoe
West Street Lynedoch, Simcoe and Waterford
William Street Long Point, Port Ryerse, Teeterville, Langton, Delhi and Simcoe
Willow Drive Gilbertville and Simcoe
Wilson Avenue Delhi and Simcoe
Windham Street Delhi and Simcoe
Woodland Drive Pinegrove and Windham
Young Street Port Ryerse and Simcoe

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